Hi, I’m Raúl,

I am a Computer Scientist researching Quantum Computing based in the beautiful Munich. I collaborate with the fantastic scientists and entrepreneurs of TU Munich to find those use cases that mean a Quantum Leap for society. On the side, I share my passion for cutting edge technologies by writing this blog & organizing keynotes and workshops for the students at CDTM.

My career started out as an industrial engineer, diving into the fascinating workings of matter. Being raised in an artistic family and having lived varied international experiences make me comfortable thinking outside, inside, and around the box.

I developed a deep interest in entrepreneurship since I started trading with guitars when I was sixteen. After founding a couple of one-dollar-startups and some rewarding learnings after, I developed a good grasp on what are the pitfalls and pillars of company building, and to tell the kind of action that drives results.

This is just the beginning of a strange and exciting journey. As for the reader, always aim for the moonshot, worst case you'll find yourself in the sky (: